22L Commercial Electric Turkey Deep Fryer With Front Drain

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Plug Type: EU
Capacity: 22L
Sale price$165.00 Regular price$220.00


1.Unlike normal fryers with GN pan oil tank this is a fully welded oil tank with safety interlock drain valve
2. this unit has stainless steel fry tanks at thickness 1mm.
3.Each fryer basket features cool touch handles to prevent injuries to employees while operating the unit.
4.And the thermal overload device turns off the fryer if the heating element gets too hot.
5.The material of the heating tube is 304 stainless steel. With up to 3000w of power.
GRB series the oil pan welding with the body,luxurious,beautiful and strong,easy for cleaning.
Grace fryer is suitable for hotels, restaurants, snack shops, fast food restaurants and other venues to cook delicious fried chicken, French fries, potato chips and other foods

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