How To Grease The Lava Grill

How to grease the grill of a lava grill can solve the problem of food sticking to the grill. The lava barbecue machine manufacturer explained that there are generally three ways to oil the grill, as follows:

1. Oil it with a cloth soaked in oil. This process is actually a cleaning job for the grill. If you are using a large industrial oven, you can tie a clean towel tightly around the end of the stick and use it to grease the grill. Wipe the grill with a cloth soaked in oil, and also remove the residue on the grill.

2. Grease it with bacon or beef slices, this method will add another flavor to the food and also reduce the waste of cooking oil.

3. Or use the injector to inject fuel, which is the quickest method. But when using the injector, the grill needs to be removed from the fire. When grilling fish, chicken breasts, steaks, and other foods that tend to harden, be sure to grease the grill. If you are grilling some foods that are rich in fat, you can selectively grease the grill.

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