GRACE has been focusing on commercial kitchen equipment for worldwide customers from 100+countries in the past 20 years.


Covering an area of more than 22, 000 square meters and with more than 300 workers, Grace factory has 3 main production lines , bakery equipment line, cooking equipment line and stainless steel fabrication line, every product we manufacture is the result of many years of R&D and market testing.


We do provide complete CAD design kitchen solutions, no matter kitchen projects, hotels, restaurants, school and hospital canteens. Meanwhile with matured experience in knowing our customers' needs, we are taking advantages in offering one-stop solution for kitchen equipment and bakery equipment to our customers. 


In addition to providing CAD solutions, there will also be 3D design value-added services, so that you have no worries.


And we set up oversea sales distributors positively to satisfy customers with local after sales service. You can be sure that you will always get the very best from Grace.


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