5.5L Stainless Steel Electric Fryer For Restaurant

Capacity: 5.5L
Sale price$130.00


 This heavy-duty electric fryer is great for frying French fries, wings, or chicken tenders.
1. Made of stainless steel with thickness 1 mm.
2.This fryer features 2000 watts of heating power to ensure your food is thoroughly cooked just the way your customers like it.
3.With a 6L oil tank, this fryer will not take up a large portion of your counter but will still produce a sufficient amount of fried food for your business.
4.This fryer also includes an automatic shut-off feature to cut off the power when the oil has reached maximum temperature.
5.The material of the heating tube is 304 stainless steel.

Grace fryer is suitable for hotels, restaurants, snack shops, fast food restaurants and other venues to cook delicious fried chicken, French fries, potato chips and other foods

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